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Advance reviews
***** "I'm so glad I downloaded this ARC. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. I finished it a few days ago and had to take some time to write this review because otherwise it would be pure screaming......At first glance, it sounds similar to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, but with great characters and a cool plot, a mystery. But I think is so much more than a simple dystopia with genetics taken to the extreme.
So, basically, I could keep talking about this book for days. I loved it. I want more of the characters and the world... I want book 2." Netgalley reviewer. 

***** "A gorgeous, futuristic story that looks at how society would work if one's status is tied to their genes; better genes, better status and all that goes with it....highly recommend." Netgalley reviewer.

***** "The amount of twists in this story had me on the edge of my seat.....I loved this book." Netgalley reiewer.

***** ""Genepool is an enthralling Science-Fiction novel that is riveting and intriguing.....the pace of the book is relentless, leading to a tremendous finale....I thoroughly enjoyed Genepool and highly recommend it." Netgalley reviewer.

*****Divergent meets Gattaca...Well written, fast paced, great characters - looking forward to book 2!" Booksirens reviewer.

***** " Genepool is an exciting, fast moving new book that takes the reader on a mesmerising rollercoaster of a journey into a monstrous new genetically modified society....A compelling read to be unequivocally recommended." Goodreads reviewer.

**** "This book was such a refreshing read, perfect for fans of divergent and other sci-fi dystopian books. For a debut novel it is extremely detailed and an interesting read. I found it hard to put this one down as the characters and the world were so beautifully formed." Netgalley reviewer.

***** "I really enjoyed this book. The world was different and interesting, and the concept was refreshing. It was fun to try to figure out who was the mystery bad guy and follow the different storylines. Overall a fun read." Booksirens reviewer.

***** "A great start to a series, this was a fun concept and I found the concept really that really makes you think. It left me wanting more in this universe and I look forward to more from the author." Booksirens reviewer.

***** ""A strength of the work is the character development, especially of the heroine, Anya and her Nomod ally, Ben. These two personalities are realistic by our real-world criteria, so we feel connected to both, and we become invested in the reconciliation of their conflicts. It is crucial to the conflict and the theme that these qualities develop in a naturalistic way, and the author seamlessly blends the process with the social and political changes happening in their society..... The conflict intensifies as the levels rise, and the other story arcs continue, with the conflicts escalating and the tension rising to a tense, action-filled climax." Gordon Long. Author of Petrellan Saga. 


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