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Three journeys. Two peoples divided. One secret that will change everything.


Anya Audentia is lucky, apparently. She lives in The City; a place where your genes define your destiny. She is a Gem, and a Tier 2 Gem at that. Her genes have been modified to make her strong, smart and beautiful; everything her society values.


Leyna is unlucky. She is a Nomod. Her genes are raw and unmodified. By definition, that makes her a nobody. Leyna lives outside The City walls with the rest of her kind. Life is hard. Food is scarce. The Gems control everything.

Somewhere deep in the backstreets of The City, a Gem called Reyen is about to take his Trials. The Trials could change his life for the better, or make him more miserable than he could ever imagine.

Anya, Reyen and Leyna each find themselves on totally separate journeys. They have no idea the others even exist, and yet their paths are about to cross in ways more deadly than they could have possibly imagined.


Someone somewhere has a dark secret. While hatred and resentment smoulder in The City streets, the fire for revenge burns brightest of them all.


The City is about to be tested. 

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Genepool is the first novel in the Genepool trilogy. A new and exciting science fiction and fantasy novel, Genepool is especially geared towards fans of dystopian/speculative fiction. 

This is the debut novel from author A.E. Price.

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A. E. Price

A lifelong fan of fantasy stories, Genepool is Price's debut novel. Her love of high fantasy and speculative fiction first began with reading The Lord of the Rings as a child. When not writing, she enjoys hiking, playing tennis and making future travel plans. 

Uprising and The Eternity Gene are scheduled for release soon.

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